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Hi there,

could you please help me with this situation. I have a tablet on my desktop pc and it's working fine but i have all this stuff that I don' need.

1. When I click (put pen down on surface) i see a little animated circle.
2. When I click in a text field it automaticly displays a little keyboard icon on witch I can click to open virtual keyboard and type stuff.
3. After first click there is slide-out keyboard always present on the left side of the screen.

So my question is: Is there a way to disable all this "helpers" so I could have my tablet behave like a regular mouse. Where and what should I look in control panel?

P.S. Sorry about my English.



For disabling virtual keyboard features: Go to Control Panel -> Tablet PC settings -> Other -> Tablet PC input panel options -> Unchek boxes.

For disabling pen animations: Disabling Pen animations on Windows 7 on Vimeo

It worked for me.



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Hi Goran and Welcome to the Forum.

Good to hear you resolved your problem yourself and Thanks for posting back with the fix. Someone else may well need this one day.

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