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    Well, now I sit here with a couple of downloaded ISOs because I thought I need specific ones for Windows Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, etc.

    But I just saw that each of these ISOs contains every Windows subversion... I don't know if to feel stupid or angry now because I waited for so long to download all this stuff.

    ........shouldn't Microsoft make this clear??? I mean they offer different download links for Windows subversions but that is so pointless.

    Please, somebody comment on this.
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    To simplify the answer......
    The difference is that each Windows ISO file contains a "key file" corresponding to the Windows version of the ISO file.
    Example : A Windows Ultimate ISO file will have an Ultimate key file. One has to have an Ultimate product key to install the ISO.

    There is a software which will remove that "key file" restriction so that the ISO becomes an "universal" ISO file which can be used for any product key one has.
    I am not sure about the forum policy regarding the use of the software mentioned. So, I'll stop here.

    The important point is....... ISO file is useless unless you have a valid product key.
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