Police Discover $1 Million Worth of Drugs in Toronto Pizza Parlor

Note to drug dealers: If you're masking illegal operations behind a pizza parlor, make sure customers actually leave the premises with food.

In Toronto last week, police shuttered a downtown pizza restaurant after they found more than $1 million of marijuana and other drugs on site.

Police say 57-year-old Salvatore Crimi likely ran the dealings at Pizza Gigi, which is near both Central Technical School and a University of Toronto campus. Officers became suspicious when they saw people filing in and out of the restaurant without ever buying food.

Besides weed, police found Oxycontin, Oxycocet, ecstasy, and a small amount of crack cocaine, according to CBC.

At least 58 percent of Americans would have been a-ok with Crimi's criminal activities, according to a survey from The Economist/You Gov.

One-thousand people took the survey Feb. 5 - 8, and nearly 60 percent of participants supported regulating and taxing the drug, according to Seattle Pi.

The survey comes at a time when Washington is issuing a statewide initiative that would require the legislature to monitor and possibly sales on pot. To get on the November ballot, the survey needs more than 241,000 signatures; last year, the survey failed by 50,000 votes.

If that ruling finally makes it to the ballot and passes, perhaps one Connecticut man should consider a move to the West coast.

At the beginning of February, a 21-year-old Robert Michelson called 911 to ask a question about the law: Could he get arrested for growing marijuana?

Of course, the officer assured him that he could go to prison for planting pot, no matter how small the amount, according to the News Tribune.

Police officers visited Michelson's home not long after the phone call; they found drug paraphernalia and a tiny bit of marijuana in his home. Michelson was charged with possession but released on bail.

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