Windows 7 POLL: Did you have problems installing Windows 7 RC


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It seems a lot more people are having problems installing RC1 then the original beta.

Did you have any problems installing windows 7 RC1?
I'll chime in early: Voted yes but not the iso but because of the difficulty in finding a good software program that burns the iso to dvd.
Once I burned a proper iso dvd, my installation went as smooth as silk, and installed on the first try.

No problems here. Reformatted the partition v7000 was on, tossed in the RC disc, and rebooted. 20 minutes later I was good to go.
No problems here. Reformatted the partition v7000 was on, tossed in the RC disc, and rebooted. 20 minutes later I was good to go.

No problems with RC. Had Drivers problem with Beta Build 7052 & 7058 both leaked ones> Blue Screens. 7077 and 7100 were the most painless installation, networking etc. If you have hardware fit for VISTA ( or made in 2008-2009) I don't expect problems for installation , networking etc. I have not tried Virtualization in Win 7 so far so that is an area I cannot comment. So far I am plaesed with MS Win 7 RC.
I had no issues installing the RC over the Beta (via fresh install of course). However, my journey to try and find a solution to a problem I had led me to swapping hardware (which essentially was a downgrade that works better :frown:).
Sorry to hijack a little, but I'm going to change this poll a little, to encompass a possible reason for the problems.
It seems a lot more people are having problems installing RC1 then the original beta.

Did you have any problems installing windows 7 RC1?

None at all . Every Beta installed without problems to . Have been amazed at the many issues that have turned up due to my easy installs :D
Clean fresh Install

I installed almost all 7 builds in both 32/64 bits (since the PDC bulid), (Clean fresh Install) on different PC's.

All of installations (Including the RC x86/x64) went smoothly .. it take's about 20 minute to the first login screen.

I didn't test the upgrade nor i will do in the future,Clean install all the way, It may take more time (1 hour in my case) to re-install all your drivers/Apps and configure them to your liking..... but for sure it's worth the effort.

Microsoft really Improved the Installation, it's much faster now.
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No problems here either installing any of the four versions I've tried.

I'll never do an upgrade install on principle though, as it usually causes more problems than it fixes :)
W-7 Install

The install of the OS went without any problems. But I nearly went insane trying to restore my files and applications from my backup image. Some of the minor app's worked right away; but some, like Outlook 2007, were seriously screwed-up.
Twice, I was almost finished, when I discovered that I.E. was completely FUBAR and I had to start over from scratch.
The second time this happened, I was about to re-install the whole mess, but instead, I selected "Upgrade".
It worked: The system re-installed over itself and everything now works great!


PS. I burned the image to disc with "Windows Disc Image Burner" which is built-in on Vista.
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No problems "installing", but several problems getting everything set up and working right after the install.

Everything except Trend Micro anti-virus software is working ok. Odd since Trend-Micro worked just fine in the Beta.

The only other real issue is the logon and logoff times, excruciatingly slow in RC1.
Unable to install so far on my custom machine with SATA HD with 2 partitions. I will delete the 2 partitions and perhaps change BIOS HD settings next week. However everything works fine on the Compaq. Go figure?
No problems installing at all. Clean install on a 20 Gig partition duel booting with xp. Running great so far after 2 days. IE8 beta is running much better than it did on the previous install. On the first install I had a lot of problems with my favorites folders getting lost.

Update- For some reason as with the previous version of win7 my restore points are getting lost. Yesterday I had 4 or 5 restore points and today its teling me I havn't created any restore points yet. Strange.......:confused:
Took a while until the setup started... I had to wait about 5 minutes until the screen came to choose language etc. and then another 5 minutes until i could choose weather to do an upgrade oder custon installation... But then evrythign went smooth and now I am very happy with Win7!

VOTED YES...very problematic install

Sadly, I have had fewer problems installing the more mature releases of Vista betas than with these latest Win7 releases!

Regardless of what Microsoft may want us to believe, Windows 7 does NOT play nicely with RAID or AHCI setups! Period. It is maddening, but even with Intel's latest "F6" RAID drivers for ICH10R on my brand new Gigabyte EX-58 Extreme motherboard, it was 100% impossible to install Windows 7 RC1 in a RAID 0 configuration on 2 brand new unformatted 300GB Velociraptors. I have scoured MS Technet and countless other forums and it seems no one has an answer to this problem. I wasted more than 2 days trying everything imaginable...but in the end stripped down to a single Velociraptor plugged into the ICH10 without any RAID or AHCI pre-load drivers and only then would Windows 7 install to the drive and complete the install.

Part of the reason I upgraded from my four SATA1 Raptors to these new SATA II Velociraptors was so the storage subsystem would be less of a bottle-neck in my brand new i7 system! Of course, without the option to run RAID 0, the true performance of these drives in this system simply cannot be unlocked. My Windows Experience Index score is a 5.9. REASON: Primary hard disk transfer rate!
WEI looks like this:
Processor (not yet overclocked) = 7.5
Memory = 7.7
Graphics (not yet overclocked) = 6.8

I'm not very happy with this RC. To be honest it does not feel as solid as the first beta release I was successfully running on my older dual Pentium system that was setup in a RAID 10, tri-boot environment with XP x86, Vista Ultimate x64 and Win7 x64 beta. Sadly, that RAID configuration was setup using the ICH7R 'F6' pre-load drivers under XP pro and I had installed Win7 into a it's own partition on that perhaps this problem existed then. The problem never showed itself until I attempted a clean install onto a brand new system...never before used drives, no other os, etc. Go figure! You'd think Windows 7 would have been PLEASED to have such fast hardware and optimal conditions for installation. Oh well. (shrugs) Maybe by Windoze 8...9....or more likely 10, we'll actually have a Microsoft OS that will play nicely with RAID configurations! One would think that this issue would be a thing of the past considering all of the work that went into Server 2008--I mean, that's an Enterprise level OS where RAID support is virtually mandatory. It's just very disappointing to know this new OS will roll out this fall and it STILL won't install onto a most basic RAID 0 setup! :mad:

My system:
Intel i7 920 quad-core processor
12GB DDR3-tri-channel OCZ ram
(2) 300 GB WD Velociraptors in RAID 0 configuration
Samsung SATA DVD burner
Sapphire HD4870 1GB GDDR5 PCIe GPU
((no FDD at all, so using 8GB thumbdrive for F6 drivers))

thanks for the poll...perhaps it could be more specific. Those who had no issues quite likely were not attempting a RAID installation!