Poor RAMdisk speeds

I've got 16GB now so decided to try making a 10GB RAMdisk and loading a game (DCS World) from that to see if the stuttering problems I experience are indeed caused by the HDD not being able to stream the data fast enough.

However, as you can see from the images below, when I benchmarked the RAMdisk the Seq and 512K speeds were much lower than were achieved by Raymond here 12 RAM Disk Software Benchmarked for Fastest Read and Write Speed

I tried a couple of different programs and RAMdisk sizes just to check it wasn't just one particular config that was causing the slow speeds.

This is my 10GB NTFS RAMDisk Enterprise disk in ATTO:

and this is my 512MB FAT32 DataRAM RAMdisk:

This is the 10GB NTFS RAMdisk Enterprise disk in CDM:

and this is the 512MB FAT32 DataRAM RAMdisk:

and lastly I made a 512MB FAT disk with Bond Disc (which did very well in Raymond's tests):

As you can see, the Seq and 512k results are about half what Raymond got and only on the 4K and 4K QD32 figures do I match, or in some cases exceed his results. In fact, on the 4K QD32 Write I exceeded his best result (324MB/s) quite considerably but that's not much consolation when I want to use a RAMdisk for loading games (i.e. only reading) and I'm getting such poor Seq and 512k results.

I also tried the SoftPerfect RAMdisk and was able to create a 10GB NTFS RAMdisk but whilst copying the DCSW files to it, it said it was unable to continue as the files were corrupt. Checking the RAMdisk showed that that the DCSW folder was now inaccessible or and non delete-able and so I had to unmount the RAMdisk and re-mount it (now empty) to clear that problem. Trying again gave the same result so I gave up on that software.

I've tested the RAM with MaxxMem Preview and that seems fine.

DDR3-666 (1333) Mhz, Dual Unganged-Channel (9-9-9-24-1T), NB 2000Mhz:
Copy 10466 MB/s
Read 8107 MB/s
Write 6831 MB/s
Score 7.47GB/s
Latency 66.9 ns

So does anyone know what's up and what needs adjusting/fixing to get the RAMdisk speeds up to normal?

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