Poorly responsive mouse [Dell Inspiron 1721]

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by DannyBiker, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Hello !

    About two weeks ago, my girlfriend's laptop (Dell Inspiron 1721) running 7 x64 had the mouse poorly responding. Right after the boot, swiping on the touchpad barely moved it on the screen...just inch by inch...:confused:
    The system loads fine, if I press the Windows key for example it reacts immediately. The same goes if I connect an usb mouse; there, I can move it fine. After a while (from 5 minutes to an hour !) the touchpad will get responsive again.
    The problem occurs again when I wake up the system from sleep, although it sometimes doesn't.

    So after searching for a program interfering with the mouse, I decided to format the all thing. It seemed to work fine as I was reinstalling everything. Then I decided to apply Windows 7 updates. And bam, at the next reboot, the problem again.
    To me, it must be related to a Windows 7 update that messes everything. I really doubt it's a program as I barely reinstalled them, only classic stuffs that are not responsible as they were installed when things were fine (you know, Firefox, Comodo, Ashampoo, etc.). I'm trying to uninstall updates one by one but while uninstalling them does fix the issue, it's there again when I reboot.

    What should I do ? I know, I could format again but, if it's probably what I'm going to do, I would like to know if it happened to someone before and if we can identify the issue...

    Thanks !
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    There should be an update that deals with the touchpad. If you can't go the Windows Update route, maybe use Device Manger to roll back the driver, or update the driver for one from Dell or Synaptics if that is who makes the touchpad.

    You may need to set Windows update to not install recommended updates unless you approve.
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    You NEVER have to reinstall windows because of an update, or a new program or someone like a child mucking up your computer.

    Microsoft built into every Windows installatiion, the ability to just GO BACK to a previous time. In case you're not familiar with it, it's called "System Restore". In most computers it's in Program files>Accessories>System Tools> System Restore

    Your computer should make a new restore point every time it installs anything new, including MS Updates.

    All you have to do is run System Restore and set it back to a date when you know for sure that the PC was running properly.

    I have to use System Restore on my own PC about once a week, to fix some mess up or another.
    (because, I download and test dozens of new software programs every week. Some are good and some are just plain BAD!)

    It's even so important to me that I force a new restore point every time I boot up, with a little script in my Startup folder.

    System Restore....NOT Re-Install Windows.

    Good Luck,
    Old Timer :cool:
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    Welcome to Windows7Forums.com :)

    It could just be that the sensitivity settings were reset. Open the start menu and type "mouse", open the result.
    Navigate to the pointer options and adjust the sensitivity accordingly. Alternatively, follow Saltgrass' suggestion above, if that doesn't work, OldTimer's is always worth a try.

    Hope this helps.

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