Pop's Diner and a hobbit house: It's Shed of the Year time again!

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    An American-style diner, a museum and a house for a hobbit are among the entries for this year’s Shed of the Year competition. And you thought a shed was simply somewhere to store tools or keep your bike...


    Others up for the 2011 Shed of the Year prize include a beach hut, a pub and a ‘geek cabin’.


    Their owners hope to follow in the footsteps of last year’s winner – the Lady Sarah Out Of Worthing. It’s a shed in Southend that was converted into the poop deck of a pirate ship.


    In 2009, Steven Harwood scooped the prestigious accolade after constructing a cabin at the bottom of his garden - complete with furniture and carpets, satellite TV, video, beds and a compost toilet - without any plans.


    Instead, the cabinet-maker used a vision he had in his head to put together a 'kite cabin' at his home in Llandysul, near Carmarthen in Wales.

    Mr Harwood won a year's supply of cheese, a £50 garden centre voucher, a cushion and a wind-up radio for his efforts. The winner of this year's contest will get £1,000.

    Cuprinol, which is sponsoring the competition, says the most common items in our sheds are paint, broken tools and bicycles.

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