port forwarding


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Hi all,
What is the best way to do port forwarding under windows?
As I am happy linux user, I usually do it with one-line command below:

ssh user1@yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy -L 3432:nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn:5432

Next I can just use like it's on my local machine.

The thing is that I will have to work via RDP the next couple of months. It's about database development Using remote desktop requires a lot of patience because it's overseas. I would like to use local database client and port forwarding instead.

I don't know what is windows version yet. Also I don't know if security policy allows this at all, so it is rather chit-chat for now. But still, I'd like to be prepared.


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Port forwarding is only done on a router. There is no port forwarding on Windows. I would recommend setting up an OpenVPN server. I would recommend to never open up RDP to the internet as it's not very secure and can be compromised easily.