Windows 7 Portable External Iomega SimpleTech drives don't show up


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I'm running Win 7, RC1 and it's great. However, my portable drives don't show up when I plug them in. I have an external Maxtor 250 that connects to the same computer via USB and it works fine. But the portables do not.

One is a SimpleTech 120GB and the other is an Iomega 250GB. Both work fine when I plug them into my laptop running Vista. But in my desktop, nothing.

I hear the drivers load up but that is as far as it goes.

Any ideas? Is there a port issue I don't know about? Firewall thing? Whats up?


Plugging directing into the motherboard allowed the drive to properly register. Before hand, I used an extender cable to plug in the device. Which didn't work. What is did do later was try to understand why that was then I discovered not all extender cables are alike. I happen to have one that would work and now it's all good.

Thanks all.

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