Porting a full implementation of Outlook 2007

I have a fully implemented 86 version of Microsoft Outlook 2007 on my Windows Vista 86 boot drive. It contains dozens of folders and hundreds of email messages.
I want to move this entire implementation of Outlook to an eSATA external hard disk drive. My aim is to be able to carry this drive anywhere and plug it into any Windows machine running Vista or higher so that I have complete external access to my Outlook.
There may be other ways to accomplish what I need to do, but I absolutely need to get this Outlook onto my external drive.
This must be done without re-installing MS Office on the external drive or any workarounds or alternate possible methods. I need to have a way to port it in its entirety without changes or complex re-implementations of my data.
I hope that someone can help. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. If this precise way is not possible, just let me know and that's the end of it. Thank you very much. Hal Mayer

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