Windows 7 Possibility to normalize speakers' output


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Oh my, what a title...

Anyways, I'm annoyed with the fact that when I watch a film on TV > on my PC, that is, if I adjust the sound level of the film pleasant, along comes commercials... and the sound level goes sky high - if you allow a bit of exaggeration. The phenomenon varies between different channels, simply meaning that some channels keep the level standard, whilst others seem to think that they need to wake their audience up from their slumber of a dull program with some "let's blow the horns".

Anyone know of a software that would keep the output to speakers on a constant level = normalize it = sort of filter for how much noise goes to the speakers? "A digital axe". Somewhere along the road I found one, but lost it.

Or other solution? I have Loudness Equalization ticked.
I probably (?) have solved the problem. I'm using DVBviewer v., and changing all audio settings to System Default in DVBViewer seems to have solved the issue = equalized the sound level = commercials seem to have the same sound level as the TV program itself.

I hope it'll last, but in any case it may, it'll prove the power of codecs. :confused:
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