Windows 7 Possible Bug: Issues with Aero and Fullscreen Video


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May 15, 2009
I have searched everywhere on Google and cannot find anything remotely relating to the issue I'm having. When I use fullscreen video such as Hulu, as soon as I come out of fullscreen the edges of the windows as well as the desktop are distorted. This also happened when I used PowerPoint 2007 in dual-screen presentation mode.

Here are the specs of my system:
HP G60-230US
2.00GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200
Intel GMA 4500M (Yes, I know the graphics are bad but Aero worked flawlessly under Vista)

I have attached some screenshots of this issue. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Does anyone care? This seems like a major enough issue that someone would have some kind of comment... :confused:


Go to Start > Search files and folders and type in fix problems.

Click on the top link that states Fix problems with transparency and visual effects.

This will bring up the Aero dialog box and perform tests to see if your card is compatible.

You might also want to update your chipset from Intel, here's a link:

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