possible to reset stickynotes?

Im an avid user of the new 7 stickynotes but have a question (that probably has no answer). anyway, the first time i started using the notes, i deleted a note and was prompted with the "are you sure you want to delete" window, to which i quickly chose "dont show this again". i realized what a mistake i made much later on when i accidentally deleted several important notes. if you havnt guessed, im wondering if theres a way to bring back that option, to confirm deleting a note.

thank you

thanks for the quick reply, but i think you misunderstood. what im trying to do is bring back the delete confirmation prompt when deleted a sticky note.

deleting the note isnt the problem, its bringing back the delete CONFIRMATION prompt


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Call up regedit and navigate to this:


Double click: PROMPT_ON_DELETE and change the value to 1

Note: there is no space in Applets. I don't know why it wants to post that way.

thank you so much that worked perfectly!


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Thanks reghakr. That means something to me coming from you.

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