Possible virus/attack?

I'm not sure whether I'm being constantly attacked or my computer caught a virus.

Whilst being online at a known network, my system got 'hacked' (unsure about the use of words as it was by someone i knew) and apparently created an image of my hard drive (which I was trying to stop during the time of creation) and I think forwarded that image to another user.

During the creation of the image I noticed a very high CPU load, files being moved all over the place, folder options being modified, an iis server being installed and such general weird stuff. Also, being online kills the laptop as new connections are constantly created.

I tried to rewrite the windows bootstrap, it didnt work, and so reformatted and reinstalled windows from my recovery partition. That didnt work either so now I'm stuck with a non working system. Whenever I boot into windows it loads all those files and processes and kills me.

I think the hard drive needs to be formatted in full and all partitions from it deleted? I don't know how to proceed with this so any help is appreciated. I did run all the virusscans and spyware software with no results.


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First of all, you would need to have remained connected to the network for a considerable period of time for a complete image of your hard drive to be built and transmitted. If your system drive is just 40GB it would take somethng like two hours to transmit a full image over a wireless connection running the most common 802.11g protocol so I would be very surprised if that had happened.

Whatever data may or may not have been accessed you can't reverse now but you can try to ensure that you are protected in the future. Go into network settings and check what networks you allow connections to and what sort of connection is permitted. Make sure that access is password protected, you share only files and folders which you need to and any seriously sensitive data is encrypted.

If you have run malwarebytes and spybot and they show no problems then I don't think you have any need to wipe your system.

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