Possibly virus related BSOD, unsure.

So, a (stupid) friend of mine has managed to destroy his computer, possibly because he hasn't used an Antivirus for the past 1½ years(since he built his computer). I've tried to make any sense out of this myself, but apparently Google isn't that powerful. All I can do is to provide the dump and some additional information.

CPU: Intel i5 750
GPU: PowerColor HD5770 OC+
MoBo: Some Asus socket 1156.
OS: Windows 7 (unfortunately not sure if it's a completely legal copy)
Add. info.: He can use Asus Expressgate and Windows failsafe. When he goes into ordinary Windows, some popup pops up, informing him that "his system is being scanned for viruses", and then the system crashes. About 2 hours before the original crash he said that the computer started up slower, leading me to believe that some of his hardware is about give up. Not sure about that though. And he did admit to visiting "shady" websites prior to the crash...:tongue:

If there is anything else you need, just ask. :D

View attachment 091211-50341-01.dmp


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If you suspect an infection then I would first go here Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 use the product info tab to download the ISO as well as the PDF manual. Burn the ISO to a CD, boot from the CD, use the interface to update the virus signatures (make sure you have a wired connection to the internet, although it will work with some wireless cards as well but not always).
I'm thinking with a driver like this "a5x6bp4w.SYS 7/14/2009 ) you're probably on to something.
You have a few other older drivers on board, but first let's make sure you're relatively virus / malware free and we can revisit those if Blue Screens persist.
Welcome to the forums and keep us posted.

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