Post Windows 7 upgrade problems

I had no problems with the first two computers that I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, both were 64bit systems. I'm having post upgrade problems with my 32 bit machine (Sony Vaio VGN-NR430E). THe machine did fine with the compability check for Windows 7.


1) Some icons on the desktop are not appearing. Instead of the icon, I just have a white icon in it's place.
2) Taskbar icons are either white or blank. If I click on the white or blank icon the application will run, If I hover over the blank or white icon it tells me what application it is.
3) Control panel icons are not present.
4) Start menu icons and folders are white. If I click on them, it just hangs like it is trying to do something and will remain like that until explorer crashes.

Ideas that I tried but did not work:

1) Tried rerunning the Windows 7 upgrade. But when it gets to the compability check, the check just keeps running. eventually I then must cancel out of the upgrade
2) Tried a chkdsk at bootup. No errors, but it did not fix my problem.
3) Tried rebuilding the iconcache. Did not work
4) Tried some other type of scan that was started from the command prompt. I can't recall name of the scan typed in, but it did not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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Hi Kevin,
is it possible for you to do a clean install? We have had many posts from users experiencing problems after upgrading. The solution has almost always been to do a clean install. Even microsoft recommends a clean install if your original os is/was xp.

I have had no luck finding any other solutions, so I will try the clean install. Thanks

I did the clean install and everything works perfectly, no issues.


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Great! Please post again if you need further help... :)

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