Posting a new BSOD Report


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Follow these instruction to make the .zip file :

With the .zip file, name it something like "BSOD Problem: <your username>" so it's easier for debuggers to manage their files.

When you make the title, don't just call it "BSOD crashing, please help" or "BSOD!!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!!". Call it something informative that can allow people to have at least an idea of what's going on - examples of a good title: "BSOD after installing new drivers" or "BSOD after running <program>".

When you are describing the problem, don't just give the date and time, with a "Please help me". If you can, give us a short summary of the events before the problem occurred, what was running at the time, and anything out of the ordinary (Computer felt hotter, computer got louder etc.).

Condensed version:
1. Instructions to posting report:
2. Name .zip file with your username included.
3. Give a helpful title:
- No excessive !'s or ?'s or any kind of non-letter symbol
- Give a 4 or 5 word short descrip. of your problem.
4. Give a helpful description:
- Time & Date
- Notable events in the week before the BSOD (driver updates, software installs etc.)
- What you were doing when the BSOD occurred (Antivirus scan, gaming etc.)

Thanks :)

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