Power DVD Ultra 7.3 & Windows 7

Last night I upgraded my pc to 7 prof from xp prof. Unfortunately, the one casualty of the upgrade seems to be powerdvd ultra 7.3. I can install the original version, but not any of the updates. This makes it unusable. Even more unfortunately, about half of my video collection is HD-DVD, so I need this version of powerDVD to work. I even tried installing the windows xp virtual machine, but it won't run when installed to that. Does anyone know how I can get this version of power DVD up-and-running on a windows 7 box? I really have to be able to install the latest updates.


Joe S

Excellent Member
I hate to hurt your feelings but if there isn't an update on the manufacturers site then you are probably out of luck. They are in business to sell their new product. Most support older programs only for a short time anyway.

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