Windows 10 Power modes


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Jan 7, 2019
Windows provide 3 defined power modes: 1) Power saver, ii) Balanced mode, iiii) High Peformance

I read from articles that Balanced mode increase resources (i.e. CPU speed) on performance seeking tasks, and decrease resource when less requirement.
My question is when balanced mode analyze resource need and automatically tune to high performance mode or power saver mode configuration , then what is need of other power modes like high performance mode and power saver mode?
the need is a human decides when their laptop powers down to save power... not the software
High Peformance = butt out Microsoft

to be fair they can all be overridden so the point is less now days than it was back when you first started asking
Do you want to say there is no benifits to switch balanced mode to performance mode these days?
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