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this is what I did, my new laptop came with 2gb of memory, so I added a new 2gb module to bring the memory up to the maximum allowed for this model of 4gb. The system recognizes the new memory and shows a total of 4gb, and I did a memory diagnosis and that checked out ok. The problem is after I installed the memory, I noticed that while running on battery (not A/C) when you press the power button there is a 5 second delay before the power button light illuminates and the computer starts to boot. When the laptop is on A/C power and you power up the laptop the power light instantly comes on. The 5 second delay only happens while on battery. Also even though there is a delay the computer boots and runs fines, no problems at all running on battery. Seems like something happened when I installed the new memory, could this be a hardware problem, like something shorted out when I did the memory upgrade. Any help would be appreciated. One more thing, HP suggested I do a system restore, so I backed up my system and restored to factory, with no change.


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I am sorry I do not have a definite answer for you. But I was trying to consider what extra memory would do for a sleep/hibernate type of situation.

More memory might mean Windows has to transfer more data to disk to hold it all. Maybe it is taking extra time to read it back into memory.

What differences do you show for when the laptop is running on battery and plugged in that might cause a delay. For instance, is the drive turned off when on battery but not when plugged in? This would be in your power settings.

Have you tried reversing the memory in the slots or running just one at a time to test? I suppose you know to be very careful with static electricity discharge when handing memory..it is very susceptible to damage from that.

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