Power options page doesn't display a "dim the display" option

Hi, I just installed windows 7 on my laptop and the power options page doesn't display a "dim the display" option, nor do the keyboard commands to dim the display do anything. Is there a way to fix this?

I am running a Lenovo G530 machine and there does not seem to be driver support for windows 7 on their support page. However I downloaded the mobile Intel 45 chipset graphics driver for windows 7 and I downloaded the newest bios update; nether seemed to solve the problem.



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Can you place the system into Sleep mode?

Can you place the system into Sleep mode?
Yes the system goes into sleep and hibernation mode just fine if that helps.


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Some folks in Neowin pointed out that this is intended behavior. Their article is here, and they reference this page of release notes. It appears this is to make Windows more like mobile devices.


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In case you are not aware of........
That question was posted on 2009.
The date is shown at the end of each post.


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yup I saw. But I registered a new account any way so I could reply with a solution in case someone else finds this via google like me.

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