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my computer's power options have been acting up. it started after i downloaded a windows update and the computer failed to restart. my computer is a laptop and it wont give me the option to choose what happens when i close the lid and nothing happens. also, i do not get a battery icon in the task bar. any ideas?
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I do not even see the page you reference.

Right click on the desktop-Personalize-Screen Saver. Select Change Power settings-Change plan settings-Change advanced power settings.

All the options should be available to you there.

the battery one is grayed out. you can see in the 2nd picture in the origional post.
in the first picture the window on the right normally shows options for closing lid along with pushing power button however, now it does not

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A shot in the dark. I do not have access to an MSI laptop, but I believe the more recent ones use " ECO power management " ?
I believe your problem is in the Bios, not in the OS. Can you look in the bios and see if there is an option to turn off ECO or customise the settings?

honestly i do not understand bios. im not too computer savey. basicly i messed around with it until i knew it was software malfunction and i came on here. can you give me some direction


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You have found out how to access the bios??
If not, on boot, keep pressing the del (or F" if that fails) key until the bios screen pops up.
Beyond that, if you need to know something about the set up options, I hope someone with the experience will pop into this thread. I know less than nil about MSIs

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