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Maybe this doesn't belong here, but i have to ask someone:D

Hello, i have a small question, for whom might know.
I want to buy a new video card, i have now a hd4650 and its getting old, and i want to buy something like a Sapphire Radeon HD6570 Ultimate 1GB DDR3 128-bit , or a GT440 1GB DDR3 128-bit or something near, don't know yet, my question is, will the power source hold it, or do i have to buy a new one:(
On the power source, its say's, Delux ATX 450 w P4, but i know that not all power source's give that output. Also, i heard that you can find out the output, by doing the math by multiplaying the Volts whit the Ampers (don't know if i wrote them corectly|). On mine it say's:
+5 V -5 V 12 V -12 V 3 V +5 V SB
30 A 0.5 A 18 A 0.8 A 20 A 1.55 A

Also, my other componets are:
motherbord:Biostar G31D-M7 (i know, its crappy, i bought the computer 2 years ago, i was in college, couldn't afford more)
RAM: 4 GB DDR2 at 800 MHz
Hard disk: 500 GB at 7200 RPM
video card: ati hd4650 512 mb 128 biti.

I know i should just buy a new computer, but till next summer or so i'm stuck and i'm doing ok whit this one, just the video card is just old and acting up:(

Thx in advance.

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Maybe someone else will disagree but, I would think you can change the vid card w/out needing to change the P/S



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You are wise to consider your power requirements BEFORE you buy. :)

Technically a 450W supply should be plenty, but that is not "brand name" and that always raises some concerns. Assuming it has enough power, your bigger concern may be connections. While it is likely the slot will not be a problem, many graphics cards require additional power connection directly from the PSU, and your PSU may not have them. Most hardware makers make the installation manuals and user guides available for download on their sites. I recommend you download those for any card you are considering and see what it needs then go from there. You can also see their recommended procedure for installing the dri vers too.

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1)what happens if it doesn't have enought power?
2)how can i find out if it has enought?
I read somewhere you had to multiplay the V whit the A, it gives me something like 420 W i think, i don't think my parts even reach 300 W, but don't know what to do to be safe, except buying a new one.:(


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1) Typically the computer will not boot, or will be unstable and freeze. This can be bad as it can corrupt the hard drive.
2) I noted how - by looking at the system requirements for the hardware it will run. You can also use a decent PSU calculator, like the eXtreme PSU Calculator.

Thank you, found that calculator too, but didn't know how to really use it. I mean my components need below 400 W, but didn't know if the power source does actually do 400 W.


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but didn't know if the power source does actually do 400 W.
And that is the problem with off-brand PSUs. They are hard to trust. Whereas PSUs from Corsair and Antec, for example tend to perform as advertised.

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