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    I found this and thought it could be handy for those running high end cards:

    While they might keep quiet about it, graphics cards too need stability, the type of stability that a PCI-Express slot and one or two screws at one end cannot provide, so PowerColor has come up with a little device to keep them in a steady, horizontal line.

    Known as PowerJack, PowerColor's creation supports the weight of a card from the back and can be used in multiple types of cases as it extends from 61.25 mm up to 150 mm.

    “The company is full of gamers and modders, so it’s no surprise that we discovered a need for a product like the PowerJack,” says Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. “High performance cards are not going to get any smaller, so we saw a need to bring this to market, where we know it will be fully utilized.”

    The PowerJack is set to go on sale on July 15.

    Ref: PowerColor PowerJack gives graphics cards support, a better horizontal sense | TechConnect Magazine
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