Powerful multimedia processing and web video design software

Powerful multimedia processing and web video design software

Socusoft Web Video Player is an interesting but powerful tool which I came across on a download site a few days ago. This program allows you to publish your video clips of various formats on your website, blog, forum and more, making it play videos directly online. It just needs simple steps to complete a web video. Different from videos on YouTube, The web video generated by this program has an embedded player, which can be fully customized.
The principle of this application is to integrate your video with a player together with relevant output codes to be embedded into HTML of your webpage or blog. It will take you three steps to make a web video. The input files accept FLV format only so as to enable output video player to playback clips. You may meet with the problem about videos of different formats. Well, it has a conversion component which accepts various video formats, making it easy to convert your files to FLV format.

Socusoft Web Video Player: SocuSoft Web Video Player - Easy to use software for posting video on web
Key features summary:
-- GUI is easy to navigate
-- No time or other key limits
-- Support most video formats
-- Single/batch video input and conversion
-- Quick editing of video file properties
-- Cool themes for web videos
-- Rich parameter settings for web videos
-- Show/Hide of video play list and playback feature
-- Extremely easy to publish web videos and embedded player
-- Convenient to get ready-made files for Dreamweaver or FrontPage
Deficiency of this app: Not compatible with Mac
You guys can go to its website for more information about its features and functions. As stated on its site: the trial version generates web videos with a logo at the top left corner of the web player which links to its website. The logo is no big deal for us video fans. As for trial version’s another point: URLs such as company URL and advertisement links also cannot be added to the web videos. I would like to say: the advertisement links adding function is useful to businessmen and website promoters only. So, as for us, don’t worry about it as there is no time limit or other key limits. We can still use it freely for fun and experience its cool features. I think you can find out more and you may report back here in the comments.
PS: Tutorial -- How to Make Web Videos Easily such as Video News on Yahoo, MSN and YouTube
Here is the tutorial link: Videos n Tutorials Share

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It is a fantastic program! It is so intuitive and simple to use

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