Windows 7 PPTP Connection Not working


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Has anyone had any problems connecting to PPTP VPNs?

In Vista I created a connection using all default settings to a PPTP VPN server (cisco router). I've not had problems connecting to the device nor the shared resources behind it.

Same connection with Win7 and . . . no dice. It hunts and hunts. . . and nothing.

What do u use this connection for? As for mine I use it for gaming, and I had some troubles getting it work at first, yet foung on the internet some manual, now works ok.


I should have eliminated layer 1 as an issue. As it turns out my router only allows one PPTP connection at a time (LAME). Currently I'm using a Vonage Motorola VT2442 and it requires a restart if I'd like a different PC to use the PPTP connection.

This isn't the same experience using an IPSEC VPN. I can have multiple connections using the Cisco VPN software without problems.

Oh well.

I have no idea how the previous comment regarding gaming and manauls is related to VPN. If that is a real question or a comment I'll choose to wait for that to be flushed out in another thread.