PPTP VPN stopped working

Val Killmore

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Hi there.

I have been at this for about two days, researching and such. And my search results have come up short, so I thought I might ask for help.
I was able to access my LAN via PPTP VPN up until the other day and I can't figure out what has changed.

As far as my VPN settings on my phone, I know they have not changed. My username, and password are the same ones I use to login to my PC and I know them off by heart.

I have eliminated the firewall as a problem by completely disabling it.
I made sure VPN clients are allowed to access my LAN, and to use DHCP to assign users an ip address, and that my phone's MAC address is allowed access to my LAN thru my router.
I have tried from my mobile data network, and from various other wifi spots. Same errors no matter what I do.
I have verified that the query is making it to my PC and past my router by seeing the "RAS (Dial in) Interface" pop up in Network and Sharing Center shortly after selecting the VPN on my phone.

But I then receive an error on my phone stating "the server hung up. the username and password are incorrect".
Now I know this is not true, and I have verified multiple times that both are indeed correct, and they do match what they have always been.
I have even delted the Incoming Connections and then set up a new one with the proper, verified credentials as always, but no luck.

This used to be a very simple one-click, type password then in.......process.

I do, however, see in Network and Sharing page that the access type for the RAS (dial in) Interface is showing as : No Network Access

I have no idea where to go from here and everything I find online seems outdated and mostly XP advice.

Any advice, or suggestions for a route to take would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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