Premission denied when accessing any computer/device

Windows 7, main computer - Access is denied when I try to access any network computer / device. Any of the other computers on the network are able to access computers and devices, but not the main computer. The computer can see the other copmuters and devices in windows explorer but get a permission error when attempting to access. I have messed around with file permissions, sharing, and anything else I can think of. What am I missing?

have you tried adding everyone under the security tab for drive /folder and add everyone giving the security permission you want to every one

Yes. What is even more confusing is that I can't access the computer itself under the network directory - i.e., The name of the main computer (the one I'm having problems with) is "HOMEOFFICE", when I click on "HOMEOFFICE" under Network I get the same permission error.

"\\HOMEOFFICE is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact...."


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First if the other PC is a downlevel client OS, like XP or Vista, and the Win7 machine is configured to use homegroups, leave the homegroup and change your network type from home to work. Make sure that both computers have the same Workgroup name.
Remove any third party firewall products or antivirus/internet security suites from the HOMEOFFICE computer and consider replacing them with MSE. You may very well need to download a proprietary uninstaller for any such program from the software vendors website inorder to remove all remnants of the product.
Make sure that
Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is running on HOMEOFFICE.
Make sure that NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled under the WINS tab in the properties of IPv4.
Make sure that the Workstation and Server service is started and set to automatic as a startup type.
Make sure that you can ping the HOMEOFFICE machine from the Win7 machine by IP and by hostname.

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