Im in the uk and i want to preorder windows 7 Home Premium E. But on microsofts site and loads of retailsers all i see is to buy a new pc and get a free upgrade. I want to preorder. It said the uk preorders start today- Augest. But where can i preorder!

Can the cheaper E-edition full versions of Win7 be ordered in the US?

No. Europe only.

I'll be rebuilding a new pc (well mostly) around the time 7 is released, so an OEM is going to be my choice. Er, if they offer it (you'd think they will)

Microsoft Store is overloaded at the moment - been trying via Quidco to get to the store (and directly too), but getting a message saying the site is busy and try later.

In the end I went to Amazon and ordered a copy of Professional (£89.97) and a copy of Home Premium (£44.97) - so still a saving on top of the huge savings on the pre-order price :razz::razz::razz:

NOOOO. Amazon is sold out of home premium. Get more please!

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