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    when ever the final Window 7 is made and ready for retail
    i have read in forums beside here
    some of the manufacture preinstall software and applications
    have been overwritten by upgrading the OS has been removed or
    whatever and i have not experiement this and i do not know the
    detials sorry about that but have read issue in the other forums

    I hope miscrosoft can make this better when folks upgrade
    how about put some kind of just the OS upgrade options
    like an example most folks get a Vista Premuim 32b or 64b
    when they upgrade the to a Vista Utilmate and it either wipes
    out the stuff in the orginal computer presinstalled by manufacture
    or it overwrite and it render the preinstall apps useless or disable them
    what i am suggesting is the upgrade is to have an option to
    modify window without losing the preinstall apps by manufacture
    and some of the folks who like to keep the stuff that was
    on the orignal vesion to be carried over the next
    i hope window 7 has an option for this
    this will help out a lot of the owner frustrations
    i understand window 7 can not apply to all software but
    some way to preserves what was on the orgianal such
    as HP and Dell and Gateway which are a main commodity
    and has a main dominance on the market

    my point is that if our documents among other personal files
    is preserved and not disturb when upgraded and how about
    some preinstall apps preserved in the same way
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    Hi guys -- Windows 7 Beta can ALREADY perform an "Upgrade" from VISTA (but of course you have to go from 32 bit ==> 32 bit or 64 bit==>64 Bit.

    Just insert your W7 DVD and run the install from within Windows VISTA. The first thing it will do is tell you if anything is preventing an upgrade --just uninstall these applications first (very few actually need to be uninstalled) and then upgrade --takes around 2 - 3 hours on a typical system --longer than a clean install but if you've got software you don't want to/ can't re-install then this is a reasonable option. Also if you are still running stuff with some old XP drivers the "Upgrade" will handle all the compatability options.

    You can actually also "upgrade" from XP - I've posted on these forums elsewhere how to do this -- just search.

    incidentally it's actually ALWAYS a good idea to keep your data, pictures, music, email folders, dat base files etc on a separate partition / disk to the OS so you don't lose any of these if you wipe the partition on re-installing the OS.

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