prevent renamed photos from jumping down the folder immediatly

In old windows, when you renamed a photo, it stayed in the same place in relation to all the other photos in the folder until you closed and then reopened the folder. Now in 7 and vista, as soon as you rename it, it gets reordered in the folder by name. It jumps away from its current position. With 250 photos in the folder, its hard to get it back.

I need information on the photo to rename the next photo. Any way to make it stay in place till the folder is opened and closed? I can't find anything here in the forum or in folder properties, etc.
Thanks for any help


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Try right clicking on an empty space in the folder that contains your files/photo's. You'll then be able to access the 'Arrange By' or 'Sort By' options. If you try the 'Sort By' option and then click on 'More' you'll see a multitude of options which will hopefully you'll find helpful?

Yes, thanks, I found that, but it doesn't have an option called "leave the photo in the same place until folder is closed and then reopened" When the photo is renamed, as soon as you go to do ANYTHING else, the photo jumps away to fit its name into the correct naming order.

In my case I do want the photos to be ordered by name.

I can temporarily change it to date/time, but then I have to go and change it back again.

I guess that's one "feature" that has disappeared.

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That probably went down the drain like being able to arrange by drag and drop. I've been using an older version of this Explorer++ - A small and fast file manager for Windows when working with photos When you rename remember to add file type like jpg bmp etc. Maybe this will help.


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datawrangler, so sad we have lost that option. My renamed photos jump away too and alphabetize themselves immediately, then I must think what I just typed. There is absolutely no relaxing with Windows 7. I so loved the ease of XP. Good Luck.

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