Windows 8 Preventing other computers from automatically starting up


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May 29, 2012
recently, I've started using Windows8. I've added several other computers in my house (the other computers are operating under Windows7) to my workgroup. Since then I've noticed that one of the other computers automatically starts up, the moment I open Windows Explorer on my own computer. I assume this happens because Windows8 is very eager to grant me permission on all my other shared libraries, even if they are on another computer. Yet I don't want this computer to start up everytime. I've already disabled several settings in my networksettings, but it appears I haven't found the right one yet. Has anyone else found the right setting to disable other computers from automatically starting up?
Usually that occurs because of a setting in Device Manager for your Network Adapter. Open Device Manager and check the properties of your Network Adapter's Power Management tab (or go through the Network and Sharing Center). See if you have the option to allow the device to wake the computer.
Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Centre -> Change Adapter Settings -> Right click -> Properties -> Configure -> Advanced -> set 'Wake On Pattern Match' to 'Disabled' -> Click OK.

That works for me with one W8 and four W7 PCs on the same subnet.
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