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Hello Folks, I'm a newbie to this forum so I hope I'm posting this in the correct place.
I recently photographed a lot of old farming letters. They are of many different shapes and I would like to print them all to a single PDF file. To do that I show all the photos (in JPEG format) in their folder using Windows Explorer. I then select them all and do File/Print and print to PDFcreator. It produces a PDF file okay but the photos are not all orientated the same way. Win7 seems to look at the dimensions of each photo and decides whether it should be printed portrait or landscape. I guess this is okay when printing on paper but it is infuriating when printing to a PDF file.
I have checked the EXIF data and that isn't the problem. I have also used two other PDF printers and all give the same effect. The only way I can get it to print correctly is to edit each file and change the canvas size so that height is greater than width.
Does anyone know how I can turn off this feature so that the files print in the orientation displayed in Windows Explorer?


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Hello and welcome to he windows7forums

You'd need the full version of Adobe Acrobat so you could create your own documents

We meed yo know the exact make and model of your printer.


Sorry that I didn't make the problem clear. The type of printer isn't the issue. If you select a bunch of files in Windows Explorer and then click on File and Print, Win7 will print them all. If you print to a paper printer it prints one file per page. If you print to a PDF printer it creates a single PDF file with each of the original JPEGs in a separate PDF page. My problem is that Win7 appears to decide for itself which way up to print each JPEG. Even if they are all shown as right way up in Win Explorer they will be printed as portrait if the dimensions of the JPEG image are such that height is greater than width and as landscape if height is less than width. This is okay if printing on paper but when printed to PDF and then viewed on the screen some images are the right way up and some are sideways. It's a Win7 issue, not a printer one, and I would like to know whether I can turn this auto-rotate feature off. I can find ways around the problem but they are all tedious and messy.


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Could this be what you're referring to:

Printee for IE

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