Printer driver question

Just got a new Dell with Vista Premium. Already had a Dell 924 printer. I found a Vista compatible driver on Dell's site and started downloading it last night. With my slow dial-up, the estimated download time was about 5 HOURS. I started downloading and went to bed. This morning, the computer was in sleep mode when I checked it. I assume the driver finished downloading, but I not sure. Where would I look to find and install the driver. I don't see anything on my desktop. Thanks for your help. MJ

Me too!

Hi, it seems I've got exactly the same problem matching a n existing Dell AIO 924 with a new Dell Inspiron Vista machine. All was well until we updated the software from the MS vista update site. There appears to be a problem with this update in that it doesn't like any remnants of XP drivers when installed. The driver in question appears to be the R148156.exe release date 12 feb 2007 (37Mb). Following installation all checks out OK as installed but when you try to print the document just sits in the "Printing tray mode" and nothing mor happens! It seems the cause is a communications error between the two caused by remnants of XP drivers. There is a Dell patch that is now available which I'm hoping to try tomorrow. There's also an associated .pdf file "VISTA update procedures" that stresses the importance of disconnecting the printer usb link whils updating the software. See the Dell driver site for these. Sorry, I can't help any further, as this is the point I've reached myself , but it maybe the info will save you a little time.

Just a little more info on the subject. Found a recent DELL Tech Support item on this issue (Journal ID: 07292H39ZD Article ID:316452 issued on 18 October. So hopefully as this appears to be latest on the subject, this might do the trick. will let you know. Web address as below.

Dell - Support

Having spent most of afternoon on this, Eventually got printer working by following instructions in Dell Teech support Article 316452 (see Dell Support link above). But had to run the procedure through twice. Only on the second occasion did it follow the article as written. Printer now works, But there is no evidence of the Dell "All in one centre" software needed to fully uitilise the scanner and OCR facilities that are a feature of the AIO center software.

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