Printer Issues with Windows 7

I have three machines on a wireless network. Two Lenovo laptops and one Dell Optiplex 960. The Dell desktop has an HP 8500 printer attached which I wanted/want to share.

I was running XP on all machines and there were no issues. I decided to install Windows 7 on all machines once it was released and have done so.

Now I am having a problem using the shared printer on the laptops. I can see the printer, install the driver and all goes well until I try to print or look at the properties.

When I try using the shared printer on either laptop, I get an error opening properties telling me I might not see all the properties and I ok that. Next I try to print and get the error that the laptop cannot see the printer and of course it won't print the test. Additionally, I have tried to use the built in troubleshooter and it won't find anything wrong.

I have tried letting Win 7 install the generic driver.....same problems.
I have installed the HP Win 7 driver....same problems.
I have uninstalled my Norton Internet Security and then share the printer, same problems.

Now here is the kicker. I run Win7 on the laptops, go back to XP on the desktop and everything works fine. I can print, I can dance, I can sing.

I have tried everything I can think of and now I'm completely stumped. If there's something else to try, I'll do it.

BTW, I've even tried just sharing the printer without using HomeGroups and still have the issue. Something simple must be happening since it works with XP and Win 7 combo, but when I put Win7 on the desktop, it stops working.

Gimme some shelter and help if you can.




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Check the security rights on the printer (rt click printer/printer properties/security). Add user 'Everyone' and give it print rights.

Good luck.

Printer Issues

I checked that too and the Everyone has printer rights to print. This really has me stumped.



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Please check the event viewer on the Dell and see if you're seeing any error messages that involve printing, especially any that end with "Access Denied". I ran into this once before, I think in was on a Server 2008r2 install and it was caused by "clients" (meaning whoever is logged onto the two Lenovos) not having suffiecent Access Permissions to the "C:\Windows\System32\spool" folder. I think when they attempt to print, they have to create a temporary file in the spool folder, so you may have to adjust the permissions on this folder. You can also try turning off UAC (User Account Control) on the Dell just to see if that might help. Also if you are seeing any other error messages you may try looking here Fix printing problems by resetting the print spooler look at the "Symptoms" area and see if they match any error messages you may or not be getting. Keep us posted as to your progress


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It really shouldn't be this hard, Patrick, eh?

My W7 with shared printer does have UAC turned off but doesn't have added rights on the spool folder. Your problem does sound like a rights issue, doesn't it.

I had a similar VERY frustrating problem when I did a reorganise here. Main machine with printer was(is) W7 and I could share the printer fine with the other two XP machines. Then I installed Vista on one of them and just couldn't get it to print to the W7 machine. Always came up with access denied type errors. I still don't know exactly what was the root cause of the trouble but I found the problem went away when I renamed the Vista machine. I surmise that there were netbios tables with old info in them or something like that. I also rebooted the router as it contains these sorts of tables.

Hope you get it sorted soon.


When all three computers were on Windows 7 were all three also on the same homegroup? And was printer sharing enabled? Also, the HP 8500 printer is wireless, have you attempted to connect directly to the printer by adding a wireless printer?
Also, for additional assistance and feedback, should you desire, Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here Windows 7 Category . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams.
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Hi....stumbled across this forum hoping someone can help

10 Windows 7 PC / Laptops
1 2003 Storage Server running the print spooler
10 HP4100 printers

The problem ... the print spooler on windows 7 keeps hanging whilst trying to talk to these printers. Maybe all day, maybe after a pattern but its a big issue we have here and our new desktop windows 7 roll out has been halted because of this really annoying bug.

You have to re start the spooler locally to get the thing to print again

Numerous drivers have been tried the HP universal ones which are dire !, The hp 4100 PS , the HP4100 PCL 6 they all do it they all stop the print spooler in its tracks.

Anyone any ideas ? mapping directly to the printers is a no no due to whats the point of having a print server if you map directly to it and having over a 100 windows 7 clients all mapping directly to the printer will just kill it.

I hope somone can help before I really fall out with windows 7



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What do you get if you go through "Devices and Printers" - Right click the printer and then the "Printer Properties and Sharing" ( NOT properties, last on drop down), and then click "share this printer" ?

Sorry, you have lost me these printers are on the print server so you dont get a printer properties and sharing option all you get is printer properties and all these are greyed out do to permissions....all xp cleints work fine talking to my print server..its the windows 7 ones that have issues



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I was addressing the OP (mpwilson) on the thread which you have hijacked.

HP printers do not fully support Windows 7 until January 2010 when drivers and updates will be issued by HP.

In the mean time use Windows 7 compatibility mode for Vista to install HP Printer drivers and software. Please upgrade the HP printer Solution Center program after installing and again using Vista mode. You must uninstall all the HP printer drivers and software before doing this. Follow new install instructions to a tee. Another words printer is off until you get the "Turn printer on and connect the USB". Make sure you connect USB plug to printer first than to computer. Do not install wireless until you have printer functions working first.

If you use the above way instead of Windows 7 printer generic all your functions will work. You must insure everything is uninstalled first to make sure there are no conflicts. I used Revo Uninstall doing this as it gets rid of registry and left over files when you uninstall the printer. Revo uninstall is free and supports Windows 7. I will repeat this "Do not attempt or try to set up the Wireless for HP printers until you have the driver and software installed using Vista Mode and check to make sure they work. After you are sure everything works than go on and set up your wireless for the printer.

Since HP had a problem creating drivers and updating their software everything is planned to be released sometime in January 2010. Knowing HP there is no guaranty that everything will work when this is released. I have installed and connected 23 HP printers so far using the above method on Windows 7 and all programs work. There is a problem with Iris saving docs from scanning but I use OmniPage which has no problem so I did not delve into this issue.

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