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I have an HP CP3505dn network printer set up with its own IP in our lab. It has printing restrictions that are configured from the printer's web interface that uses the name of a print job's owner (the job owner's username) to see who can print and who can't. Most of our computers are on XP x64, with one on Vista x64, and the usernames correspond to those of the Windows user accounts. Everything works great, with the printer picking up the Windows user account names and applying the appropriate restrictions.


The problem is that a few computers moved to Windows 7 (pro x64) and for some reason, the printer can't seem to "see" the Win 7 user name anymore. In fact, when I check the print log, a blank user name appears when a Win 7 user submits a print job.

Is there a setting that I can enable in Windows 7 so that the user name gets picked up again by the printer?


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Not sure if this will help at all, but just so you know you're not alone. I recently had a similar issue with a couple of huge networked Savin printers, that use a web interface they call "Firery". The Savin guys had to come out and do a firmware update on the printers to get them to work. So I'm not sure exactly what you are using Jet-Direct, Jet-Admin or anything underneath that's supporting the Web Interface on this printer but I do know that HP has some recent updates on both of those and I noticed that HP also has some firmware updates for that printer. Again, probably not much help, but I just thought I let you know what my experience has been.

Ok, so I solved the issue:

Do not use the default printer drivers that came with Win 7 - just download the goods directly from HP.

The drivers direct from HP have features that MS striped away, including duplex printing.

Thanks everyone for your help! :)


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Glad to here that you resolved it. Thanks for the update

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