Windows 7 Printer Sharing Issue


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I have read tons of threads and none seem to work.

Running Windows 7 Build 7100 with 2 shared printers
Trying to connect to the shared printers with ANY other computer, XP or Vista it keeps givving the dreaded logon failure Unknown user name and or password to the machine trying to connect to the shared printer located on Windows 7

I have added anonyoums, everyone, and even Iusr with FULL rights to the printer, but it just keeps giving the error above.
The only way I can get this to work is to create an identical account on the Windows 7 Users as the XP box users with the same password.

Then everything prints fine, but that's not a valid solution to me.
I want ALL users to be able to print and not have to create an identical account on the Win7 box everytime someone wants to use my printer!

Any suggestions? I have searched everywhere.
You can turn off password protection for sharing.

On the Network and Sharing Center control panel, click "change advanced sharing settings" (upper left). On the window that opens, scroll down; the selection is next to last.

That permits any machine on the network to share the device without an account.