I have a new rx 595 epson printer. It plan and simply will not print. It says printer is ready and yes i can use the printer its self to copy and print-But will not work from the computer--i press print and it say print job sent to printer --but nothing happens. I have tried EVERYTHING epson has told me even a different printer. They claim it there drivers work with them with windows 7. My computer is brand new and everything else works fine-there is no hareware issues at all--it is windows 7 doing something wrong--anyone know the answer.


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Try going to Start > Devices and Printer, right-click on the printer, choose the Ports tab and make sure it's set to the correct port. under Advanced, make sure the driver is correct. Did the CD come with Vista drivers?

Also, go to Start > Run, and type services.msc, scroll down until you see Print Spooler and make sure it's started and set to Automatic.

Yes to all u have sugested. Windows 7 says printer is ready but will not print a thing. And i am running 64 bit. All ready been there done that and more trying to get it to work with this O.S.


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strange i never had to install any drivers, win7 detected my Epson R-300 without issues...runs prefectly minus poster printing (seems vista & win7 driver doesnt do it no more) odd that a newer model has issues.

NOOOOOO--IT does detect the printer-and install the drivers--windows 7 even says it is ready to print. But i press print and it just sits there doing nothing--even says send to queue-but nothing shows up in there and -the printer works perfect on my windows xp system. And even will not show the ink as being full--but shows the ink as being empty-and shows a comunications error. There is nothing wrong with the printer-or my hard ware--i have tried everything possible to eliminate windows 7--but i cant--it is a prob with windows 7 some were.


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Well ink levels dont show on mine at all in software, i have to rely on the printers own manual interface for


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Were you able to locate 64-bit drivers for this printer?

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