Printers in control panel removal problem!!

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    I'm running Widows 7 64 Bit Pro. I go to the control panel and then I select Printers and devices.

    There are 3 printers in there that I have had. I got a new printer and I added the new printer and made it the default printer.

    Well there is still those other 2 printers that are gone now. There Icon's are still there. A little grayed out but the Icons are still there.

    I right click on the first printer I NO LONGER want to be listed. I right click on the first one and then I choose (Remove Printer From List) I do this for both the printers I no longer want on my printer list.

    I right click and select remove device and that printer goes away. I do this for both printers I no longer want listed and their both gone.

    Well then I'll go back in a few minutes or after a re-boot and those 2 printers are back again.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of these 2 printers that are not installed on my computer any more?

    I did notice a reason it might not be working is because there are things that those 2 printers are still trying to print. I right click on them and click on Cancel printing.

    they won't go away tho. Like I said before. ANY SUGGESTIONS GUYS?

    Mike Davis
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    Open device manager, from the view menu choose "Show hidden devices" then
    Expand "Printers"
    Select, then right click the unwanted printers and choose uninstall, check the box when prompted to remove drivers also.
    Hope this helps

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