Printing with windows 7 netbook on printer connected to vista desktop

Hey there guys,

I would just like to say, I am not just posting this question anyhow. I have read around and I haven't found any solution to my problem, thus I have resorted in opening a new thread.

So here is the prob:

I have a Windows 7 Starter Edition netbook which is connected to a WRT54GL Wireless-G Router. This router is connected via hard wire to my Windows Vista Desktop and that is how the desktop has access to the internet. The netbook is accessing the internet the very same Router via Wi-Fi. The Printer (HP DeskJet 940c) is connected and installed on the Windows Vista Desktop and is functioning. It prints when I give it commands from the desktop. I have set the printer sharing options 'on' in the Networks and Sharing Center as well as haven't kept a sharing password (its open and unprotected). This is as far as I have gotten. My next challenge is, how can I print from the Windows 7 Starter Edition netbook on my HP Deskjet 940c via the Router.

I would be very grateful if someone can explain to me in a very noob-ish way as I am not a techie. If someone could send me a video link or so.

Thanks a lot guys. Really appreciate it.

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The first issue you will need to overcome is a driver problem. According to this there is no downloadable driver available. So you will need to physically connect it to your netbook and run Windows Update to acquire a Windows 7 native driver for that printer.
Once you have overcome this issue and have tested and made sure that you can print with it physically attached to the netbook. Then you can re-attach it to the vista machine as it was before. Then on the Vista machine open your printers folder and right click the printer and choose the printer properties and then from the sharing tab set up the printer to be shared. Give it a nice short name like "hpdj", and once you have finished doing that you should be able to open the devices and printers applet on the Windows 7 machine and click the add printer button, then Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer and let the install wizard scan for an available printer on the network, assuming that both computers have the same workgroup name you should be OK from there. You may be prompted to keep the driver already on your computer, make sure you answer in the affirmative if prompted.
If you run into any problems along the way post back and let us know.

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