Problem accessing computers in workgroup


I've added a new laptop to my home network (now 3 computers, all of them with win 7 ultimate 64) . I didn't use home group because i don't like it, so i configured everything manually and everything worked great, file sharing. printer sharing, everything.

And then I added a password to my user on the new laptop to protect it and the sharing between the laptop and the two other computers stopped working. when i try to access the laptop from another computer it reports i have no access, and when i try to access one of the computers from the laptop it asks for a user name and password.
i uninstalled firewall - didn't help. reinstalled. i removed the password - problem solved. added password again - problem returns.

all users on all computers are administrators.

maybe something about group policy...

anyone have an idea ?


Noob Whisperer
Hello and welcome to the forum.
Basically if and when you add a password to a user account that has been working across all platforms previously, you will need to configure that account on the other machines to include the password changes.
Alternately answer the credentials prompt using the proper format of machine name of the machine you are trying to access followed by a backslash and then the user name with the appropriate permissions on the machine you are trying to access and then the password for that user on that machine.
check the box to remember credentials
If access has worked previously then open the Credential Manager
just type that into the search box after clicking the start orb and hit enter
find the machine's credentials under Windows Credentials
hit the drop down arrow
click the edit button
and edit accordingly
or alternately again, remove from vault and start over with instructions above.

Solved !

Thanks !


Noob Whisperer
Glad to hear that your were able to resolve your issue. Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with that information.

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