problem and my pc stack

no1 can help me with it??? =(


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Can you also open a elevated command prompt and run sfc /scannow

i tryed it but nothing found =/


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At least one of the file photos that you linked to, reference a dump file.
Find it, zip it up, and attach it to your next post, we could take a look and see if it includes any information that might point to the specifics of the issue.

EDIT: Also check the date and time on your computer, because the reference to the .dmp file is looking like it's from early last January. I would expect something more current.

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i did it again and he show up only 1 error now but i tryed find the files but dont find anything... maybe the error is other but see the pic
..suggest me any program maybe it helps me

u want me to take this files and zip it and make new thread? and upload it in my new thread?


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If you notice the .dmp file starts with a date, if you have some of these that are reasonably current then yes, zip up three or four and attach them to your next post. There's no reason, that I can see to start a new thread.

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