Problem booting up- very strange problem

ok, I'm not experienced with problems like this so...

I have a toshiba laptop which came preinstalled with windows 7 home so I have no disc(before you say that)and I got the computer december 2010 so roughly 2.5 months ago. When I try to boot it comes up with an error in a popup box which says disk boot failure and gives me 2 options: scan the hard disk for problems or ignore. If I press ignore it scans, if I press scan it scans as well.. after the scan it gives me one option: install 'Hard Disk' software to solve it. you click that it closes and does nothing.. this entire thing happens in safe mode which turns on automatically.


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Try this, turn off laptop and wait 30 seconds. Turn it on, start tapping the F8 key until a screen appears, then select "last know good configuration".


and also, it says windows boot failure not disk boot failure.

I suspect it is virus of some sort but I don't know....


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I'd be accusing someone of dropping it and killing the hard drive by

and that means????

anyway I just did recovery(too impatient :( ) and it fixed it... apart from the fact I didn't realise all my art was not backed up(I'm a digital artist) and just got wiped and I was curently in the middle of a project.. :(

I am an idiot.


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Not related to your problem but just advice, I too am a graphic designer and illustrator.
Buy an external USB hard drive, save all of your job files on it as well as on your hard drive never have anything important in only one location.

External hard drives are quite cheap and easy to use anymore.

I actually have two external drives and have 15 years of stuff backed up on both of them.
You can't be too safe!



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Quite agree, i used to follow the grandfather, father, son, backup system a tad obscessively back in the days when I worked at a medical database with spool tapes like from some 1970's sci-fi show.... I still laugh now that the 100mb storage units were the size of a washing also it's worth having a few drives or flash drives for the essentials.

GRANDfather-father-son backup refers to the most common rotation scheme for rotating backup media. Originally designed for tape backup, it works well for any hierarchical backup strategy. The basic method is to define three sets of backups, such as daily, weekly and monthly. The daily, or son, backups are rotated on a daily basis with one graduating to father status each week. The weekly or father backups are rotated on a weekly basis with one graduating to grandfather status each month. In addition, quarterly, biannual, and/or annual backups can also be separately retained. Often one or more of the graduated backups is removed from the site for safekeeping and disaster recovery purposes.

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yeah, I got one of those(1TB) together with the laptop... and I don't have job.. still go to school(13), and digital art is my hobby. I have som of my art on there but my 2 best pieces.. but I only lost the psd's, I got the png/jpegs online.

and I am too lazy to back up that's why I got all those problems in the first place... but it;s taught me my lesson.

Hi there manny6574,

I'm sorry to hear about your lost data... I know the feeling.. belive me... However there might be free ways to recover some of your data...
I've had luck with the free version of this program before:
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition 5.0.1

That might save some of your work.

The next thing is to make sure it doesn't happend again. I don't know if you've heard about dropbox but it's a free service if you choose their 2 GB version and it creates a folder on your computer where you can move all your important stuff to and then it gets uploaded via a secure connection to your online dropbox where you can also access it from a webinterface @

Then if you need to format your pc in the future, just install dropbox again and you got your important data right there.

If you use this link you will get an additional 250 MB of free space:

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