Windows 7 Problem??? Fake Java Update???


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I've had some peculiar problems with Google Chrome lately, difficulties in opening pages etc. - all the usual trouble one may have. Today my system smashed the screen by offering a Java update... I accepted it, because it's always been safe, the update never happened though, instead I got all sort of problems, stalling and not being able to save common files etc. Needed to reboot and stuff. Did a scan of the system too.

And, once I finally got to Java pages to check it all, it announced that I have the latest 7 update 21, installed April 18th.

Is this a true problem? I know many people have had problems with Facebook since ~mid April. They could be related to Java, or an attack on it?

I'm not the boy who cries "Wolf" on every occasion. :cool:

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So-called double post: yesterday with the Java update, I didn't get a steady window with "ok" or "next" or anything. What I got was some, perhaps, 5 flashing windows that disappeared faster than they appeared.

Well then, today I got a strangely colored window from Avast telling, there is a major security update for Avast Concerning Google Chrome. And again... no steady window, only five or so flashing windows.

The announcement windows from Avast have always been green, saying all went well with the update, lately I've got red ones, telling it went wrong, with explanation "defective bit package" or something, and clicking "update now" in that window has crashed my computer a few times. Today the announcement window was something like grayish-green, about Google Chrome.

Scanned with Malwarebytes too - nothing was found.

Weird. I've had personal attacks on me before, so this could be someone trying to hit me. But considering the many problems I've come to know, is there a bogey out there?

Generally, my PC works like a dream, no problems whatsoever, occasional BSODs have appeared lately,​ but there's no panic. Some nuisance, perhaps, but no panic.

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