Problem Firefox

I often use Firefox, a great browser, and sometimes go to Tools - Options - Security - saved password to read and erase the passwords for the sites that I visit.
Do you know if there is a way to shorten this path, maybe insert something in the toolbar to speed up this task?
Thank you

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I go to see.
Meanwhile thanks.

I have my own Firefox addon which I modified for you. I added an option to open the Password Manager from the right-click context menu. See below -

Or you could make a bookmark with this in place of a URL - chrome://passwordmgr/content/passwordManager.xul

I have attached my modified addon if you wish to use it. You will need to remove the .zip off the end and then simply open it with Firefox. The original (without Password Manager) can be found in my sig. It's a totally legit app!

Good luck :)

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