problem groping files in win7

Hello ,
I hope I would get some help to my problem that is bothering me from a long time.

I was using win xp before and i liked the feature show in groups when sorted alphabetically.
It used to look like this groping for every single alphabet separately.
But now in win 7 when ever i do this it only creates 3 groups like (a-h) (h-..) and so on No matter how many files i have in that folder.

I want to make it look like xp .. please help me ......

Perhaps if you stopped groping them, they would be more co-operative. Just kidding.

I've tried Windows 7 for all of 1 day. I went back to XP for 2 reasons.

1. Media Player 12. I don't use Media Player to rip my CD's, nor do I use the My Music folder. All my music is on an external hard drive. When I open a folder to listen to an album I click Play All and use Media Player 10. I use the Now Playing full view mode... I hate skin mode. Media Player 12 is horrible here. Media Player 10 tells me the artist, the album, the bit rate, the song titles, the length of each song, the total time for the album and shows the artwork full size, in my case 500x500. I can also change the background color. Media Player 12 shows the artwork, but it's the same size as in skin mode, which I hate, and you need to enable the side view to see the song titles, but it doesn't give you any information that I can remember, and it doesn't match the unchangeable background. Huge, huge, huge step backwards.

2. As I said, all my music is on and external hard drive. I have a lot of music. Like you, I have my folders in groups, one folder for each artist. I couldn't find any way to sort my folders alphabetically. I must have over 500 folders that would fall into the A-H block. How can anyone think this was easier? If I want to listen to Devo, I just go to the D's, I don't want to have to search in the middle of some giant block. Huge, huge, huge step backwards.

I couldn't find a single compelling reason to switch from an operating system that works to one that tries to hide it's uselessness behind a cloak of neat-o effects that provide no function other than to eat up loads of memory, hard drive space and graphics performance. Mind you... I've got a 3.2GHz Intel dual core, 4GB 800MHz ram installed (though I can only use 3.25 of it) and a 640MB Nvidia 8800GTS. I've got more than enough to run Windows 7, but I'd rather that went towards doing stuff, not trying to make me go wow.

Joe S

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Click on view then click sort by name.


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Perhaps if you stopped groping them, they would be more co-operative.
I was told to sweet talk 'em first! :)

Click on view then click sort by name.
As far as I'm aware, that won't arrange the folders/files alphabetically... grouped by each letter, as seen in the original posters example. I believe that will only put everything in alphabetical order.

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