Problem in connecting internet thru ethernet

Hi friends,

I'm expereienceing a strange problem, Im running Vista SP1 in HP pavilion 6284 Turion laptop. My Av is Avast and im have comodo firewall installed.

Earlier I was connecting to net via Wireless modems Linksys and was working fine and now i moved my residence and the provider gave Wi max modem connected to my laptop thru RJ 45 ethernet cable.

Now the problem is, the pages are not loading in IE/FF/Chrome when connected directly to the net, At the same time when Im connecting Gtalk it is connecting and is able to chat or when i click on email notifications its logging into gmail (via Chrome) as well. Also I can do VOIP calls when connected directly but not able to browse.

BUT......... when i use a proxy (I normally use Ultrasurf) internet is working fine, without any problems xcept in downloading via Flashget...

I'm getting some unsecured wireless network and when i access that I can browse without any problems

When connected thru wired modem in network sharing centre I can see 2 conenctions ..

1 - Broadband connection with Local & Internet access and

2 Un identified network with limited connectivity.

I called my ISP call centre to get some sort of help, they checked IP config, ping etc and all are working fine.

What cud be the reason for this and how can I connect normally because I dont want to connect thru proxy for banking purposes etc??


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What isp were you using before the move and what modem and router? What isp are you using now and what modem and router? Is this DSL or cable? Next try turning of firewall and connect to INTERNET and see if issue is still there. This is to rule out firewall problems. Next step would be to reinstall router software. Sometimes the router software can get corrupted. Don't know why but it has happened. Check this out and post back with results.

What isp were you using before the move What isp are you using now

Im using the same ISP, Etisalat earlier & now only change was the user account.

what modem and router? Is this DSL or cable?

It is DSL connection earlier it was Linksys Wireless modem and now it is Axxcelera ExcelMAX Full Duplex FDD (FD-FDD) CPE3210 connected thru RJ45

Router - as such I has not connected thru any routers, there's a conenction coming in from external antenna to the modem (I guess Im right) and from modem RJ45 connection to the notebook, The guys who came to install the whole system didnt do any software installation they just configured the settings thru an IP adress configuration.

But as i said earlier I can connect & browse without any probs when i connect thru a proxy (ultrasurf)

I will check disabling the firewall and post the results soon.......


Alas It worked ..............thank u bassfisher..............

i uninstalled the comodo and now its working..................::)

a zillion thanks

Yep .........although Comodo is a free firewall, it can be quite "agressive" and it is not unknown for it to be the cause of network connection problems.


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For your firewall, use MS built in version that comes with Vista. I have been using it for a year now. No ill effects so far. This will give you protection and peace of mind as well. Happy we could help you here.

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