problem in connecting to Internet through LAN cable

I have Dell Studio 14 with i5 processor with window 7 OS, realtek network adapters

Whenever i tried to connect to internet(Airtel Broadband) through ethernet cable. It shows unidentified network no internet access, but when i use wireless connection it established.

I have done all the following things...

1.. i use ipconfig /all i found that no address for default gateway & my subnet mask After that i manully set the ip address, subnet mask & default gatway like this...

  • ip address :
  • subnet mask :
  • default gateway :
  • dns server :
  • alternate dns server :

This all are under IPv4.. after that i again use ipconfig /all all settings are displayed which i have changed.

but the problem still persisted. After that i use netsh winsock reset catalog & it prompted to restart & i did restart the computer.. Again ipconfig /all & same details appear with all changes i have done manually but problem not resolved. After that i also turnoff the firewall uninstalled the antiviruse & restart. but again same problem "no internet access"..

i also use the ipconfig /release.. but an error is occured
loopback Pseudo-interface 1 - the system cant find the file specified"... I have checked the BIOS also for NIC which is enabled

I have again reinstalled the all driver for my dell laptop & problem still there. & there is No Bounjour installed ...Whatever it is ... When i troubleshoot the problem through Window 7 method it show (i don't know the exact but it is something like this)
"Invalid IP address for Lan configuration."

What do i do now..???? :(

Please give me a solution.


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Amit Aswal:
Hello and welcome to the forums.
The IP address in your post is a bit out of whack.
The default gateway has to be on the same subnet as your IpAddress or else it won't work.
Try taking a look at the IPv4 information by doing another ipconfig /all and examine the information as it applies to your wireless card, you said that works ok, so the information should be similar (actually almost exactly the same except for the actual IP address that has to be unique).
Something like
IP address
Subnet Mask
Default gateway
DNS server preferred (You may want to change this to and add an alternate of
See if that helps at all.
Also you say you are connecting to Airtel Broadband. That would be like me telling you that I'm connecting to Comcast, the information we may very well need is how you are connecting to Airtel Broadband. Providers supply a myriad of different devices to support their infrastructure and then users often add routers and or switches to support multiple connections. Knowing this information can help us. Like in my case, my computer is connected by way of Cat 5 ethernet cable to a Microsoft MN700 wireless router, which is then connected to my ISP provided device an ARRIS eMTA MODEL: TM602G.

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