Problem installing windowsXP(SP2) after installing windows7 RC

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    I was previously using windows xp but decided to try out windows 7 recently.So I formatted the partition that contained my windows xp( i know i am stupid :D) and installed windows 7 over it.I have like 4-5 partitions on my PC sicne i keep a seperate partition for different purposes like games ,movies,etc..
    Now since most online games aint supporting windows7 i decided to install windows xp in another partition.So i went into diskmanagement and freed up some space around 15gb just so i can install xp and dualboot for gamming purposes.Now when i put my windows xp CD and start a installation the boot starts and it loads watever stuff it needs to install the OS from the CD.Then at the bottom it displays windows is about to start and then i get a blue screen crash.I downloaded a fresh windows xp iso file thinking mine might have been corrupted but i got the blue screen crash like 5 times in a row with different CDs.
    Can ny one help me on how I can install windows xp on windows7 RC build 7100 properly without the bluescreen crashes.

    My current LAPTOP SPECS
    Model:COMPAQ CQ60 104TU
    Intel dual core @ 2.0 Ghz
    2GB DDR2 RAM
    250GB HDD

    My laptop model doesnt come with any preinstalled OS since I wanted a laptop with XP rather than vista.
    Hope someone can help me

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