Problem Mapping Drive on W-7 PC


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Great forum everyone! Many of the responses have helped me a lot. This situation is a bit different so I decided I needed to post this question.

There are 3 active PCs in this house. My wife's PC still has Win-XP on it. My workstation has Win-7 v7100 RC 64 bit and it runs very well indeed. My laptop has Win-7 v7100 RC 32 bit and it also runs very well. What I've found is that my workstation can easily map the C drive on my wife's PC (the Win-XP PC) but it cannot map the drive on my laptop (Win-7 32bit). I have set sharing and permissions just as I always have but cannot get the laptop drive mapped on my workstation. Either of these can easily see my NAS drive, so that's my workaround for now.

Any thoughts on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you very much! :p

--Bob Harris


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OK, I feel like a bit of an idiot!! I'm posting this and eating CROW at the same time! It turns out that I had File & Print Sharing turned off on the laptop! I looked everywhere but there!

Sorry to take up space!


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